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    Hi!  And welcome to Otaku Village, a town of anime diversity.  I am your ever humble web-mistress, Niki P., and I want you all to know that even though everything's a mess while we are moving in, you're all more than welcome to look around and enjoy what we have.  Below, is a rough map of our little village.  Click on where you want to go, or use the links below.

Map of Otaku Village
Wayfarers' Inn (Slayers) The Crossroads (Ranma 1/2) Otaku Village Library Digimon Den Otaku Village Gallery Otaku Village Laboratory Otaku Village Station (links) Ninja Daycamp (Naruto) Knothole Sanctuary - Under Construction Funbari Hill Cemetery

  Of course, all of the 'shops' are looking for opinions, contributions, and other sort of things.   So, if you have any of these things, please e-mail me, or please, sign the guestbook!
News of August 13, 2007

Hmm.   I obviously don't update the main page as often as I ought to.   I will say that life got in the way.   But to be honest, I am not going to worry about updating the main page so much anymore --The sites within do get updates and there is stuff in the background happening that I don't announce.   So please don't stop going through the pages.   Things have been happening for me as well...   I have moved.   This Canadian nut has moved from her home town of all her life of Calgary, AB Canada to a small hamlet in the middle of Alberta --Talk about a lifestyle change --Oi!   I even got my driver's license --it just came in the mail today!  

Since my nieces have moved in with me, I have been getting introduced to Nick Cartoons, and I admit that I have gotten hooked on one, even though it's now over.   Um.   I admit I like 'Danny Phantom'.   (blush)   The storyline agrees with with my fascination with soulsearching and odd changes.   Anyhoo, the new mini site, The Ghost Ops Centre is now open, dedicated to that Nick show, with pictures and one complete --yes, COMPLETE fanfic with three chapters, called Growing Pains.   Tell me what you think, okay?

And yes, Now I will go back to finishing the Digimon Destined story.   And the Gummi Bears one, and the Naruto tales and Iikiba's story and...
  Thanks for stopping by!
--Niki P., aka 'NeeP'.

The Crossroads:

Ranma 1/2: Ryouga Hibiki fan site
Fanfiction:   Come meet Jiro and Iikiba Hibiki!
Iikiba's Album:   The illustrations for the stories.
Ryouga Pics:   The guy that the Crossroads is all about...

Wayfarer's Inn

Slayer's fan mini site
Fanfiction:   Meet Copy!   A kopii's gotta do what a kopii's gotta do!
Fan art:   Original Slayers fanart.

Digimon Den

Digimon fan site
Digimon Destined:   Have you ever seen a Taimon before, or a Matimon?   All of the kids are now Digimon!   How will that affect the prophesy?
Digimon Destined Profiles:   If you want info on the Digimon-Destined and the new Digimon, Izimon is more than willing to share everything he knows.

Ninja Daycamp

Naruto Mini Fansite
Naruto Fanfiction: Come and meet Shouya Uzumaki, a clone come to life on her own.   How will she fit in with the Village?

Knothole Sanctuary

Under construction

Sonic Fanart Gallery

Funbari Hill Cemetery

Shaman King: Manta Oyamada mini fansite
Shaman King Fanfiction: Fanfics featuring Manta.  

Ghost Ops Centre

A Danny Phantom mini fansite
Growing Pains: Danny was a little tired of being treated like a kid, but a couple of ghost cousins made him older by three years, he finds he has more troubles than before.
The Garden of Souls: A mystical garden in the Ghost Zone, tended to by ghosts and fairies.
Growing Up Fairly Odd: A Fairly Odd Parents tale: It's not easy being the adopted son of a pair of fairies, but Timmy's trying his best.

The Gallery

Fan art gallery
Here would be pictures and such that would not fit in with the other themed sites.   So instead, we have decided to put them all in a place of their own.   Enjoy.

The Library

Collected Fanfiction and original writings.
Here you will find all of the fanfiction that has been written by myself, by friends and many others, all available in one spot for your enjoyment. .

The Laboratory

Original Downloads
This is where all projects that I am working on, as well as made by others will be available for download.   There will be no copy-righted material here, but instead other warped stuff that only anime-crazed evil scientists can create.   This can include desktop images, avi files and other weird things.

The Station

Leaving so soon?   Well, if you must, you must...   Here are some destinations that you may be interested in travelling to
This is Sparky, my web cat
This is Sparky, my Web Cat.
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